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Worship Services

There are two worship services at our church each Sunday:

10:00 am – Worship Service.
4:30 pm - FUSMC (Spanish) service

10:00 Service: Some would call this service “contemporary,” others “casual,” and still others “traditional.” It’s attended and led by a mixture of people of all ages and backgrounds, so it can be a lot of different things from one week to the next. One thing it’s not is polished—we try not to take ourselves too seriously, even in the middle of our usual way of doing things. For many people, the highlight is the sharing time, where the microphone is open for anyone to share of prayer concerns or ways God has been at work, or updates on ministry opportunities, or comments and questions in response to the morning’s message. For others, the highlight is music led by our intergenerational teams; we enjoy harmonizing to hymns, worshipping with newer songs of praise and the occasional rock song. We use a variety of instruments, including piano, guitars, drums—and anything else we can get our hands on! We also appreciate a variety of speakers, from the church staff and from the congregation, that challenge and teach us. And we just like being together, before, during and after the services—it is these informal times of community that make us a family. And the potlucks, everyone loves the potlucks!

FUSMC Spanish services
You can check out FUSMC’s website ( for more information. All we’ll say here is that these are worth attending for the energy and quality of the music alone!

Special Occasions
At least a couple times a year, FUMC and FUSMC come together for “joint worship” services, usually during Christian holidays like Advent and Pentecost. When we gather together, we mix-and-match our various gifts of music and worship and language, always a celebration worth being a part of!

If you're interested in visiting one of our worship services for the first time, check out this guide for more details on what you can expect.