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Who We Are

Welcome to the online extension of the FUMC faith community!

  • We are a mid-sized church community (about 70 attendees on a regular Sunday morning), located in the South Hills neighborhood of East Vancouver, on 52 Ave near Fraser Street.
  • We worship in several different languages: English, German, and occasionally Spanish.
  • Our worship services are a blend of “traditional” and “contemporary” styles , but in a more interesting way than that sounds. We like music, from hymns to brand-new worship music. We have several gifted speakers in our church, so sermons vary in style and content. We often have a time of sharing in our services, so everyone has a chance to say something and we can hear from each other how God is present in our lives.
  • we like being together, especially if there’s food involved: potlucks in the church basement, fundraiser meals in the church basement, coffee and cookies after church in the church basement... prayer meetings, Bible studies—church is more than a once-a-week experience for most of us.
  • we share our building, and several services a year, with our sister church, the First United Spanish Mennonite Church. Although FUSMC is technically a separate congregation, its staff and congregation are very much a part of who “we” are. We also rent our space to two other churches -- Mission Baptist Church, a Cantonese congregation that meets at 11:30 am on Sundays, and the Asian Church of Christ, a Punjabi congregation that meets in our Education Building on Sundays at 2pm. We are pleased that God is worshipped in many languages in our buildings!
  • We are a Mennonite church, part of the Anabaptist Christian tradition. (If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry—we’re not always clear on that either. You can click here for more information...)
  • we value our intercultural experiences. Partly by circumstance, mostly by intention, FUMC increasingly reflects the cultural mosaic of our city and our country. We’re learning that being Mennonite means being part of a global fellowship that includes and transcends a multitude of cultures. Our local church is blessed to reflect that diversity, and we’re working hard to embrace that diversity in ways that equally enhance our unity.
  • we value our intergenerational connections. When it comes to age, the FUMC family has a little bit of everything--seniors, youth, preschool, and everything in between. That, of course, makes for some interesting “family meetings,” but we’re working to listen and learn from each other and to include every one as a valued part of our church family.
  • We want very much to be a positive influence in our neighborhood and the rest of Vancouver. Many of us are immigrants, too – and know what it’s like to be far away from family, friends and culture, so we try to extend welcome to those who are new to the area. We also want to share our social, material, and educational blessings with others, and to learn from and with those on the margins of society, so we are part of a large network of outreach and service-related ministries (and yes, new volunteers are always welcome!)

...and that’s about it. Of course there’s a whole lot more to who we are, as a community and as individuals, and the best way to experience that is to come meet us face-to-face. We’d love to meet you, and if you’re looking to become a part of a church community, to welcome you and to help you see if FUMC is a good fit for you. You’re welcome to contact our church staff by email or phone, or to stop by our office (Our office is open Tuesdays and Fridays, or you can just call to see if someone's around -- there's often someone here 'after hours'. Or, best of all, just join us for a Sunday worship service. Click here for more about what you can expect. We’d love for you to come and meet us, to worship and serve and live and learn alongside us! In any case, may you experience the Shalom of God wherever it may be found!