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Lydia Cruttwell

When Lydia first attended a service at FUMC in spring of 2008, no one could have dreamed she'd be working as our pastor starting in 2012! Originally from Ontario, Lydia came to Vancouver to do a Master's of Divinity degree at Regent College, and (having heard many good things about Mennonites, but never having been to able to attend a Mennonite church) one day she simply googled "Mennonite Churches in Vancouver" and walked in through our front doors. She's been very grateful for the support of this church as she figures out how to live and pastor well, and for the the very active community of volunteers which makes the work and ministry of this church a truly collaborative effort! In her spare time, Lydia enjoys hiking, baking (especially bread), and good in-depth conversations with friends.

Our new co-pastor is Adam Back -- a profile on him is coming soon!

Heather Klassen
Administrative Assistant

Heather is a wonderful asset to the FUMC staff team. She is a passionate follower of Christ, and is very involved in ministry both at FUMC's drop-in centre and at her own Reality Church. Before taking this position, she taught ESL to international students. Heather grew up in Vancouver and at FUMC, so she's very family with both the building and the people. If you call, email, or stop by the church office she will likely be the first person you talk to! Some of Heather's favourite things to do are walking around the seawall, cycling, hiking, playing board games, and drinking coffee on Main Street.

Jorge Hoajaca
Pastor, First United Spanish Mennonite Church

Although Jorge is technically not FUMC staff, he’s certainly a vital member of our team! Jorge guides FUSMC with wit, wisdom, and enthusiasm. He and his wife Ericka have three children, Luis, Ericka, and Ariel, and he has one grand-daughter, Mila. Jorge loves watching and playing sports, particularly football--both kinds--and hockey, and can make the drive from Vancouver to Medicine Hat with both eyes closed (he has family there). Whether preaching, leading the music team, or having a casual conversation, Jorge never fails to inspire, challenge, and make us laugh!