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Here at FUMC, we are grateful to have a variety of gifted and articulate preachers. Our pastor, Lydia, only preaches 2-3 times per month because we believe in 'sharing the pulpit' and hearing from many voices -- young and old, male and female, from within our own church and from other churches. We believe that God speaks through all of us and no one person or perspective can fully speak God's Word on their own.

We are posting an audio version of most of our weekly sermons here -- usually within a couple weeks of when they were delivered. (so if there's a sermon you're looking for and it's not up yet, please let us know!) Remember, these sermons are intended to be heard within the context of our gathered worship services, and will undoubtedly lose something when listened to in isolation. That said, they are posted for your encouragement, education, and exhortation, so please receive them as such.

Lent Week 5

For the fifth week of Lent, Lydia preaches on John 12:20-33. Her sermon is called "The Hour Has Come".

Lydia Cruttwell, March 18, 2018

Lent Week 3

For the third week of Lent, Adam preaches on John 2. His sermon is called "Follow the Signs".

Adam Back, March 4, 2018

Lent Week 2

For the second week of Lent, Lydia preaches on Psalm 22. Her sermon is called "Reflecting on Psalm 22: Torment, Turmoil, and Triumph".

Lydia Cruttwell, February 25, 2018

Lent Week 1

Lydia begins our Lent series with her sermon called "God's Not Done With Us" based on Genesis 9:8-17.

Lydia Cruttwell, February 18, 2018

Acts Part 16

Adam Back continues our Acts series with his sermon "Christ Enthroned" based on Acts 7:51-8:1.

Adam Back, February 11, 2018

Note: The sermon from last Sunday (Acts Part 15) was not recorded.

Acts Part 14

This week we welcome Aften Thiessen (former member of FUMC) back to preach for us. She preaches on Acts 6:1-7. Her sermon is titled "The First Hurdle on the Race Towards Diversity."

Aften Thiessen, January 28, 2018

Acts Part 13

This week Adam Back preaches on Acts 5:12-42 - "The Whole Message about this Life."

Adam Back, January 21, 2018

Acts Part 12

After taking a break for Christmas, we return to our Acts series this week. Lydia preaches on Acts 4:32-5:11. Her sermon is called "Community, Honesty, and Holiness."

Lydia Cruttwell, January 14, 2018


This week Lydia preaches on Matthew 2:1-12. Her sermon is titled "Journeying to Jesus."

Lydia Cruttwell, January 7, 2018

Advent 4 & Christmas Eve Service

At our fourth advent service, Lydia preaches on Luke 1:26-38. Her sermon is called "Mary, Did You Know?" Also below is the recording from our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service held in the evening.

Lydia Cruttwell, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Service 2017