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Our History

In 2017, FUMC celebrated our 80th Anniversary! The church began in the 1930's when Mennonite folks who had moved into Vancouver from the Fraser Valley began holding services together. Over the years, the church grew as it welcomed newcomers to the city, from the Valley, from the Prairies, and from Mennonite colonies in South America. As membership at times swelled to over 500, FUMC gave birth to two other local congregations, Sherbrooke and Mountainview Mennonite Churches. Twenty years ago, FUMC began a partnership with the Hispanic congregation of First United Spanish Mennonite Church, a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to deepen and strengthen both congregations.

In the last few decades, FUMC has seen significant changes as many long-time members have moved on, either to retirement in heaven (a.k.a. "Abbotsford") or to be with God in the life beyond death. Throughout these generational and demographic shifts, God has been faithful to FUMC and is leading us along as we explore new ways of being God's Church.

Many of our current members have fond memories of growing up at FUMC as "home" for their journey of faith. Others who have not grown up at FUMC, or in the Christian church, have also found a home at FUMC, as we continue to welcome immigrants and newcomers to the city and as our neighborhood increasingly reflects the diversity and change of a global city like Vancouver.