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The Next Step...

So you've been to a couple of worship services and are interested in exploring deeper into our faith community... great! We suggest joining one of our small groups that meet regularly to deepen relationships with God and with each other:

  • Care Groups – These are groups of FUMC folks that meet weekly in each others’ homes for Bible study, discussion, and prayer. They are open for anyone to join and are typically arranged by location, to keep travel distances to a minimum. The groups are re-formed and re-mixed regularly, often starting fresh in the fall or sometimes in the spring, but new faces are welcome to join at any point. Meeting days and times are listed in the Sunday morning bulletins or on the church calendar.
  • Children's Church – Most Sunday mornings during the 10:30 worship service, there is a Sunday School-style class for children ages 3-6. The children and their teachers leave the worship service together after the opening singing time (usually around 10:50) and head across the parking lot to the “Education Building” (a.k.a. “the Sunday School House”) which is the tan building directly behind (north) of the main church building. The teachers bring the children back to the church around 11:45 and they meet their parents in the church basement after the service ends.
  • Bible Studies – There are several different opportunities for Bible Study at FUMC. Beyond the groups mentioned above, there is a regular Wednesday morning Bible Study in German, led by Pastor Hans Gerhard Fast in the church basement at 10am. There are also seasonal studies, often tied to Sunday morning worship themes. Check the announcements or church calendar for more information on if/when/where these are happening.
  • “St. George Group" (Young Adults Connect) – this is a weekly discussion group for post-high school young adults (a.k.a. “college and career” or “twenty-somethings” or “whippersnappers”) – if you’re out of high school and consider yourself a “young adult,” you’re welcome to come—single, married, studying, working, between careers, whatever…there’s a little of everything in this group. Group members take turns hosting the discussions in their homes, and discussion topics vary widely, usually tied to a faith perspective on current events. Meetings are currently on Tuesday evenings, from 7-9, and are led by Lydia Cruttwell.
  • Youth Group – Grades 7-12 and a handful of youth-ful leaders meet Wednesday evenings in the Youth Room (Education Building) for games, music, prayer, Bible-study, and general crazy-fun good times! FUMC’s Pastor Lydia Cruttwell and our great sponsors have regular social events, service projects, retreats, movie nights… Words can’t begin to describe the energy of this group—you’ve got to see it to believe it!

If you're looking for a way to volunteer, or if you're curious about how FUMC is organized, go here for a closer look at the functional side of the church.

If you're wondering about officially joining the church or getting baptized, there are "discipleship classes" to help interested people to learn more about baptism and church membership. These classes usually begin in Jan-Feb, and FUMC typically celebrates baptisms and memberships on Pentecost Sunday in late spring. But you can talk to one of the church staff about these things anytime, so go ahead and ask.