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How to Get Involved at FUMC

As followers of Jesus, we are committed to engaging as God’s partners in moving our world ever closer to God’s vision of reconciliation, restoration, and shalom. We want to live out what we say we believe, and we think that this means taking action, serving each other and the communities that we live in, and finding God already at work in the process. At FUMC, this means that most of us find ways to participate in the work of the church through various ministries, committees, and teams, some focused inward on the life and community of the church and many focused outward towards our neighborhood, our city, and our world. In volunteering our time and money in these ways, it is our goal to honor and use the gifts that God has given us and to be a living model of the “body of Christ” where each person has a valuable part to play.

The following is a list of the various ministries, programs, and teams that we are a part of and that are a part of who we are. If you’re reading this as a person who would like to get involved, yes there is a place for you! Contact one of the staff for more information.

Community-building and discipleship:
There are a variety of groups that meet regularly to deepen relationships with God and with each other. Their desciptions are listed here.

Outreach and Community Organizations:
We take part a lot of good things in our community by partnering with other organizations, through volunteer and financial support. Some of the many organizations we support are Kingcrest ESL programs, the MCC Refugee and Newcomer Office, Streams of Justice and Out of the Cold anti-poverty efforts, More Than A Roof housing society, and the Place of Refuge alcohol abuse recovery house. For more information on these, and how you can help, contact the church staff.

Caring and Sharing and Learning:

  • Caring Ministries – This group oversees the pastoral care and spiritual concerns for individuals and the church as a whole. They give support to staff, in a confidential manner, as they walk with people dealing with personal and family issues. They also give oversight and discernment on theological and spiritual discussions of issues important to the life of the church.
  • Social Coordinator – Party Planning! Potluck Management! Making sure there’s someone to do the dishes! Okay, it’s not all fun and games... The coordinator does the behind-the-scenes work for the fellowship and relationship-building activities of the church.
  • Christian Education – This group gets an “A” for coordinating Sunday School for kids and adults, organizing special seminars and learning opportunities, and generally paying attention to the educational needs of the church.
  • Outreach & Service – These people are the connection point for many of the ministries/programs/organizations through which FUMC engages our community. They also maintain our global connections with missionaries and coordinate FUMC’s refugee sponsorship program.
  • Library – This team manages and organizes FUMC’s collection of books and audio/video items—some inspirational, some intellectual, and some just plain fun!
  • Raege Haende Verein (Active Hands Ladies Group) and Wohltatigkeit's Verein (Ladies Benevolent Society) – These energetic and compassionate groups of women do service work in a variety of areas, providing food for funerals at the church, sewing blankets for MCC, and offering prayer support for each other and for missions around the world.


  • Worship Planning Committee – this team offers direction and discernment to the church in worship, giving feedback to staff and leaders and working out themes and special occasions as the church moves through the year.
  • Worship Leaders – these are the “up front” people, who coordinate the structure and flow of each Sunday and then share of themselves as they lead in worship on Sunday morning.
  • Music Teams – We have currently have three teams that share the music leading, offering their talents and thoughtfully navigating through the thousands of options to lead us in worshipping God with the fullness of our hearts.
  • Prayer Team – This group models the prayer life of the church, praying for worship services and being available to pray for and with individuals after services and throughout the week.
  • Action Word Team – Dramas, puppets, readings, dance-offs (yeah, you read that right)... This team brings their gifts to worship in ways that challenge us, move us, and make us laugh as we wrestle with how to put our faith into action.
  • Audio/Video Team – The technical wizards that push all the right buttons behind the scenes. You only notice them when something doesn’t go right, so they don’t get noticed very often.
  • Greeters/Ushers – These are the smiling faces that you first see when you walk into the church on a Sunday morning. Of course, you don’t need to be an official greeter or usher to be friendly and welcoming, so really this is a project that everyone can work on...

Practical and Administrative Concerns:

  • Church Council – This group oversees the administrative, financial, and spiritual life of the church. It is largely made up of representatives from other committees to be a balanced group that reflects the whole congregation.
  • Finance/Auditors – The number-crunchers, bean-counters, and all-around good people that make sure it all adds up as we work to bring our finances in line with our faith.
  • Building and Facilities – broken windows, faded paint, kitchen improvements, new lightbulbs, roof upgrades... these are the folks pouring their sweat and blood into the church.
  • Personnel – This team offers feedback from the congregation, HR support, and a general listening ear to the staff. Besides, someone has to bring chocolate to the staff members—and make sure they take the occasional day off!