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Welcome! To our old website...

Thank you for coming to this website... but since we've now changed our name to PEACE CHURCH ON 52ND, we've moved all our updates and announcements over to our new website at Head on over there to learn more about us and see what we're up to!


Giving Thanks!

We are grateful for the abudant harvest represented in our display of fruits, vegetables, and canned goods this Sunday, all of which will be going to the MCC Refugee Food Bank on Monday. And we are grateful for our guest speaker, Mulanda Jimmy Juma, who will be speaking to us about peacemaking, thanksgiving, and his experience as the MCC Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pictures/Video for our New Website

We're currently working on a new website to go along with our new name, Peace Church on 52nd! That means you'll see some people around our buildings taking pictures and even some video of us. If you don't want images of yourself posted on our website, please let Lydia, Adam, or Jonathan Penner know.

Upcoming Community Events -- Neighbourhood Bread Giveaway and Community Dinner

This Sunday from 12-1:30, we're going to be offering free coffee and giving away bread on the front lawn of the Education Building -- this is a chance for us to show love to our neighbours!

Also, come join us on Thursday Sept 20th at 6pm for our first Community Dinner this fall... This is a wonderful chance to get to know your fellow church members better, and to build relationships with those in our neighbourhood! If you'd like to help out with setup, cooking, or cleanup, just contact Al Fleming or Lydia Cruttwell.

Fall Book and Bible Studies

We've got two exciting studies this fall! Adam will be leading a Thursday evening book study on Brian Rosner's "Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity," and Lydia will be leading a Bible and Poetry study on Wednesday nights, taking an in-depth look at the Lord's Prayer. Contact the office if you'd like more details!