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Lydia Cruttwell's blog

Fall Sermon Schedule

We're already well under way with our fall sermon series on "The Kingdom of God", but for those who want to know who's preaching when, here's what the schedule looks like:

Sept 25th: Kingdom of God, Pt. 3 (Lydia Cruttwell)

Oct. 2nd: Topic TBD (John Goossen) -- World Communion Sunday
Oct. 9th: Kingdom of God, Pt. 4 (Lydia Cruttwell)
Oct. 16th: Kingdom of God, Pt 5 (Lydia Cruttwell)
Oct. 23rd: Topic TBD (Walter Bergen) -- followed by a fundraising lunch for Kingcrest International Neighbours!
Oct. 30th: Kingdom of God, Pt 6 (Lydia Cruttwell)

Nov. 6th: "Creation Gives Glory to God" (John Heinrichs)
Nov. 13th: Peace Sunday (Gary Loewen)
Nov. 20th: Eternity Sunday and Kingdom of God, Pt. 7 (Lydia Cruttwell)
Nov. 27th: Advent 1 (Joint Service with FUSMC)

The Kingdom of God is...

What is the Kingdom of God?
Who rules it?
How do you get in?
What is life in the Kingdom like?

This fall, Lydia will be taking on all these questions and more as we spend time learning about Jesus' main teaching topic -- the Kingdom of God (or 'The Kingdom of Heaven', as Matthew called it -- Matthew's audience was primarily Jewish, and Jewish people at the time often substituted the word 'heaven' for 'God').

Come on out on Sundays at 10am and hear more about this wonderful Kingdom!

Praying for the Philippines

Dann and Joji Pantoja, long term witness workers with MC Canada in the Philippines (and our supported missionaries here at FUMC!) live and work in Davao City -- which was hit with a terrorist bomb in the middle of a busy night market last week, on Sept 2, 2016.

Dann (who also goes by the name Lakan Sumulong) wrote a post about his and his church's response to this act of terrorism -- as he calls it, a 'peaceful defiance of terror'. Please pray for his church in the Philippines as they seek to stop war, make peace, and love their neighbours.

The Bible, Our Beliefs, and Being Gay

In response to the ongoing discussion about homosexuality and faith in our denomination, there are a number of meetings/teaching sessions being planned on this topic:

Tuesday Sept 6th, 7:30-9pm, FUMC Church Basement (with Sherbrooke Mennonite): Teaching Session by Pastor Lydia -- featuring a nuanced interpretation of the scriptures, stories from a wide range of Christians, and some comments on faith, history, science, and culture. All are welcome to come, no matter what your experience and convictions are -- Lydia holds the traditional position on Christian marriage, but with a compassionate awareness of just how complex, painful, and personal this topic is for many people.

Tuesday Sept. 13th, 7:30-9pm, FUMC Church Basement: Q&A/Discussion follow-up to Teaching Session. (this is for FUMC -- a seperate follow-up at Sherbrooke will take place on Tuesday Sept 20th)

Saturday, October 22nd, time and location TBD: An MCBC all-congregations meeting to discuss responses to the BFC resolution that was approved at the Mennonite Church Canada Assembly this summer.

May God give us courage, conviction, love, gentleness and open ears to listen to one another and to God well in this important, but often painful conversation.

Upcoming Events at FUMC

We've got a number of late summer events coming up -- come join us for any and all of these!

Movie Night, Friday August 13th, 7pm : We're hosting a movie night this Friday in the church basement -- snacks are on us. Invite your friends and neighbours to get in out of the heat!

Intergenerational Games Night, Tuesday August 23rd, 7pm: Bring along your favourite board or card games (and maybe some extra snacks) and be prepared to have some fun with other church folks, young and old.

Potluck for the Thiessens, Sunday August 28th: This is Greg's last Sunday as our Associate Pastor, and we want to take time to give thanks and pray for the Thiessen family as they transition more fully into life in Abbotsford. Last names A-M please bring main dishes, and last names N-Z please bring salads or buns.

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