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Opportunities for Hospitality...

Here at FUMC we know the importance of food and hospitality to forming a good community and for helping to welcome others in -- and so it's good to have a chance to host others in your home for a meal or to give someone a place to stay. Here's two upcoming opportunities to reach out to your neighbours:

Ahousaht Visitors: During Reconciliation Week here in Vancouver, some of our brothers and sisters from Ahousaht First Nation are thinking of coming to join in the TRC meetings and other events. Since folks from Ahousaht have hosted us so graciously whenever we've gone up there, we'd like to return the favour and open up our homes and our church to them (depending on how many come and what they'd prefer, we'll either host them in individual houses, or have them stay all together here at the church). Please contact the church office if you'd like to be involved in hosting or in helping provide support as they stay at the church!

Dinners for 8!: This fall we'll be having dinners for 8 again -- a casual evening where you can mix, mingle, and enjoy good food together with those from the church that you might not normally get a chance to talk to. If you're interested in hosting one of these dinners, please contact the church office!

Summer Sermons! (x4)

There are four (that's right, FOUR) new sermons available for your listening/reading pleasure under the sermons tab at the top of the page. Rich treasures from the minor prophets are just a few clicks away!

Summer Fun: Movies and BBQ's

This coming Friday, August 9th, we'll be having our second summer movie -- this time it's WALL-E, that little trash-collecting robot and his journey there and back again. Come on out to FUMC Friday night at 7pm (or a little before -- the movie will start right at 7) and settle yourself in to have some popcorn and enjoy the show!

In three weeks time, on Saturday August 24th, we'll be having our annual Neighbourhood BBQ in our back parking lot from 12-3pm. There will be free food, live music, and games for all ages. If you're interested in helping out with this event, feel free to contact Al Fleming (604-274-3341, or

We've printed up flyers for both of these events -- take some for yourself and your neighbours, and spread the word about these great community connectors!

Acting Justly and Loving Mercy

As our own Aften Thiessen speaks to us from the book of Micah this Sunday, here are a whole host of links you can follow up on current efforts to make our world more just and more merciful:

Mennonite Central Committee
International Justice Mission
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Christian Community Development

And for those of you who prefer the printed word to the internet, here's two book recommendations:
"Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne
"Restoring At Risk Communities" edited by John M. Perkins

UPDATE: For those interested in listening to the CBC Radio show Ideas that Grant mentioned on Sunday, here's the link: Idolatry for Beginners. A fascinating reminder that even those who don't hold to faith still recognise that much of what we learn in Christianity (about the best and the worst that humanity has to offer) is true.

Ongoing Summer Small Groups!

In these long, sunny summer days, there's often a joy in having some extra time to spend outside and with those you love... but sometimes, there's also a bit of boredom, as you're not quite sure what to do with all your free time! If you find yourself at loose ends, feel free to join our ongoing prayer and fellowship groups -- the St. George small group is made up of young adults (20's and early 30's) and meets every Tuesday evening at 7pm at various location, and the Listening Prayer Group meets every Thursday evening at Jon and Janna Janzen's house near the church. If you're interested in either of these and would like more details, please call the church office or email us!

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