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Name Change Proposal and Motion for FUMC

NOTE: We will be voting on this motion at a brief congregational meeting on Sunday, June 3rd.

What’s happened so far? How did we get here?
We are delighted that this proposal has been well received – we all seem to agree that the time has come for us to change our name. The problem is, from the ‘straw poll’ we took at our AGM, we found that three names had roughly equal amounts of support: South Vancouver Mennonite Church, South Vancouver Peace Church, and Peace Church on 52nd. So the Vision Committee needed to take time to consider which of these three names we thought was best for our church at this time. Our decision was that “Peace Church on 52nd” is the best of these three names, and it was seconded by the Church Council after discussing it at a recent meeting. Below is the motion, and some reasons as to why we are recommending this particular name.

Mission Blog #3 - Who in the World Does Mission?

I argued in the last blog that the where of mission is comprehensive—all of creation, all of human life, all of human culture, etc., fall within the scope of God’s mission. Nothing is swept under the rug or overlooked. Mission is also comprehensive for the who of mission. In this post, I want to continue broadening the horizons of mission for how we understand revitalization, church and our lives within community. So, who in the world does mission?

Mission Blog #2 - Where in the World is Mission?

In this blog, I want to us to reflect further on the nature of God’s mission as comprehensive in scope, expanding our awareness that the mission of God touches all of creation, all of human life and culture. Last time, I borrowed Christopher Wright’s definition of mission. Mission “is all that God is doing in his great purpose for the whole of creation and all that he calls us to do in cooperation with that purpose.” Nothing in God’s good creation, nothing in human life and culture, can be thought of as outside of God’s Mission to restore and heal his creation. Mission is a big, big story.

What in the World is Mission? Mission and Revitalization Blog #1

Mission Blog #1 – January 13, 2018
What in the World is Mission?

When I was a younger Christian, I was pretty fascinated with missionaries. Jim Elliot, J. Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission, and others were all exciting and intriguing stories. Stories of missionaries smuggling Bibles into closed countries had me imagining Christianized versions of Indiana Jones running through a jungle with forbidden books. They were good stories and spoke to my fledgling faith.

Sometimes though, the stories were told in ways that left me thinking my life could never matter as much in God’s Kingdom as theirs did....

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