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Small Group Feedback & Suggestions

As our Vision Committee continues to think about ways for our church to revitalise, one of our major topics of discussion has been small groups. While in the past we had a number of 'care groups', over the last number of years they've dwindled, and we want to get them re-started sometime in the new year. This is important for revitalisation and mission because it not only provides a place where regular attenders can grow deeper in relationship with one another and with God, it also provides an 'on ramp' for newcomers to start getting involved in our community beyond Sunday mornings.

If you have any feedback for us about what format/structure would work best for you in a small group (size, format of the meeting, meeting time and frequency, etc.) please pass these comments on to anyone from the Vision Committee -- Lydia Cruttwell, Rose Bergen, Adam Back, Hans-Gerhard Fast, Jon Janzen, and Elizabeth Penner.