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Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenidos!

Harmony, Unity, Wholeness, and Justice, Peace, and Salvation—all are Shalom. Welcome to FUMC, where it is our desire to be a place of Shalom for all, a faith community joining together in the movement towards God’s vision for the world.


Fall Sermon Series: The Book of Ruth!

This fall we'll be diving back into the Old Testament for an exploration of the book of Ruth.

The book of Ruth is one of the hidden gems of the Old Testament. It is a simple yet artfully written tale of tragedy and redemption. It reminds us that God’s story moves forward not just through kings and nations and miraculous events, but also through ordinary people living ordinary lives. Ruth, Naomi, Boaz and even minor characters like Orpah and the unnamed kinsman-redeemer all show a great range of emotion and complex motivations. In this midst of this complexity and brokenness, however, God’s providential care remains evident.

Week by Week Schedule:

Sept 14: Ruth 1:1-5 “In the days when the judges ruled…” (Greg Thiessen)
Sept 21: Ruth 1:6-22 “Where you go I will go…” (Lydia Cruttwell)
Sept 28: Ruth 2:1-12 “As it turned out…” (Lydia Cruttwell)
Oct. 5: World Communion Sunday (Hans-Gerhard Fast)
Oct. 12: Thanksgiving (Arnie Friesen, Mennonite Foundation)
Oct 19: Ruth 2:13-23 Kindness to a foreigner (Lydia Cruttwell)
Oct 26: Ruth 3:1-18 A strange love story (Greg Thiessen)
Nov 2: Ruth 4:1-10 Justice and Grace (Lydia Cruttwell)
Nov 9: Peace Sunday (Aften Thiessen)
Nov 16: Ruth 4:11-12 Building up the House of Israel (Lydia Cruttwell)
Nov 23: Ruth 4:13-22 A new Genealogy, A new Hope (Greg Thiessen)

Joint Potluck next Sunday (Sept 21st)!

Bring out your favorite recipe for a crowd -- it's potluck time! We're having a joint potluck with Mission Baptist Church next Sunday, September 21st, helping our Cantonese brothers and sisters learn about the joy of the potluck meal. Please join us as we fellowship around the table.

(those with surnames A-K, please bring main dishes, and those with surnames L-Z, please bring salads or buns. MBC will be bringing food as well, and providing dessert for all of us.)

Small Groups

This fall, we'll be running three English-language small groups, and one German bible study. All the English small groups will be studying Timothy Keller's "Gospel & Life" series (short videos followed by a discussion). Here's a quick rundown of the times and locations for these studies:

1. Sunday morning at 9am in the Education Building (main floor)

2. Tuesday evening at 7:30pm at Greg and Aften's house (this study is mainly comprised of younger adults).

3. Wednesday evening at 7:30pm in the church basement -- on the first Wednesday of each month, this study will be replaced by our regular Prayer and Communion Service.

4. German Bible Study: Wednesday at 10am in the church basement. This study will not begin until October 8th.

Come join us as we study the bible and our faith together!

Busy Buildings.... and Busy Streets!

Now that fall has come and all our programs (Sunday school, Kingcrest, FUMC and FUSMC prayer meetings and bible studies and women's groups) are back in full swing, along with the addition of our new renters Mission Baptist Church (MBC), the church building and the education building are busy places these days! Do make sure to consult the calendars on this website (under the 'calendars' tab) to find out what's going on with all our various groups, as well as what's happening in each building. We're hoping this will prevent any inadvertent double bookings.

Also, with MBC's arrival our street parking is very busy on Sunday mornings. MBC has kindly agreed to avoid parking in our parking lot or on 52nd Ave in order to leave room for FUMC cars -- so do make use of both those areas! Our neighbourhood will continue to be busy -- especially when MBC has new attendees who don't know the parking arrangement, and with so many other churches in the area -- but it should all work itself out in the next few weeks.